Alexander Technique

Many people experience unnecessary pain, tension or discomfort during their lives as a result of unconscious physical habits that we develop from an early age. These unhelpful patterns of movement become our ‘normal’ and we might go through our lives without pausing to examine why we have poor posture, persistent sore throats or general aches and pains.

An Alexander Technique teacherwill help you to re-evaluate your day to day movement, teaching you how to prevent harmful habits and allow your body to rediscover an easier way of moving.

Alexander Technique can help you:

♦ Improve your posture and wellbeing

♦ Heal musculoskeletal (back, neck, arm and leg) injuries

♦ Avoid musculoskeletal injuries

♦ Manage chronic conditions such as Parkinson’s

♦ Have presence when public speaking or performing

♦ Avoid sports injuries

♦ Avoid performance injuries from playing musical instruments or sewing/crafting activities

Kathy Hulme

Kathy has been teaching Alexander Technique since 2016 from her home in Peckham and at the Pimlico Centre for Alexander Technique. She completed her three year full time training at the Alexander Studio Wandsworth under head of training Karen Wentworth in 2016. 

Prior to training as an Alexander Technique teacher she was a Kodály music educator and class teacher in primary schools in London. 

Described by one of her students as ‘patient and focused, sympathetic and rigorous’ her pupils come with a wide range of conditions and requests from back and neck pain, to voice problems, Parkinson’s, vertigo, hand and wrist injuries and a general desire for more ease in daily activities. 

She is a member of STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique).

What to expect from a lesson

Alexander Technique will involve Kathy using her hands to help you to think about and change the way you use your body. It is not a massage or treatment but it can have a powerful effect. Letting go of habitual tensions can be a challenging experience as well as a liberating one. 

Please let me know if you have any medical problems that I should know about, for example prior injuries, operations, chronic conditions (anything that you need ongoing appointments with a medical practitioner for).

Please wear loose trousers and a long sleeved top and be prepared to take your shoes off. 

Here is an excellent description of a lesson from one of Kathy’s reviews:

‘What’s Alexander Technique like? Well, to be honest, if you’re used to something proactive like yoga, it takes a bit of getting used to. Over half the class is spent lying down, while Kathy makes adjustments to your posture. That’s followed by adjustments in standing, sitting, walking, whatever is relevant to you. But stick with it. You need to unlearn all the bad habits that have accelerated your back problems. Where am I now? Back at work as an IT contractor. Do I always sit and stand with exemplary posture? Well, often but not always. But now I’m aware of my body. Mindful of it’s quiet voice. I don’t hold those bad postures for long.’


Single lesson (45 minutes) – £55

Introductory offer: block of 3 booked and paid for in advance taken within one month – £150

Cancellation policy

Kathy is happy to rearrange within the same week in cases of illness and emergency. Please give 24hrs notice of cancellation otherwise full fee may apply.