Baby Massage

Learn how to interact, communicate and bond with your baby through POSITIVE NURTURING TOUCH.

Baby massage is designed using movements from Indian and Swedish massage, yoga and reflexology.

Studies have shown it can help your baby feel more relaxed, improve sleep and offer relief from health problems such as colic, wind and constipation.

It’s also beneficial for parents too – it’s a great way to start socialising with your baby and build a bond together through one-to-one interaction. Our baby massage classes are open to both mums and dads, or you can teach your partner the strokes you learn each week when you practise at home, so the whole family can benefit from the bonding experience. On the SoLo course, we’ll talk you through the full range of benefits of baby massage – read our FAQs to find out more.
Baby massage classes

A baby massage course is 4 weeks long – this gives you the chance to build up your knowledge of the strokes gradually and allows your baby to get used to the experience. By the end of the course, you’ll be performing a full body massage on your baby!

During the classes, you learn by watching me demonstrate on a doll, and can practise at the same time with your baby. If your baby needs to sleep, feed or just have a cuddle, that’s fine! We’ll go over all the strokes each week so you won’t miss out on any learning, and you can practise at home in between each class. Lots of babies take time to adapt to the experience of having a massage, especially if they’re very young, but will gradually learn what’s happening and grow to enjoy the feeling of relaxation and one-to-one time with you.

Our classes are a great way to meet other parents too – find out more about booking a baby massage course here –

About SoLo

South London Baby Massage is run by Rebecca Evans, co-founder of She trained at the International Association of Infant Massage (CIMI) and teaches group and private baby massage classes in South London, Bromley and Surrey.