Meditation for Health & Wellbeing

On Wednesday evenings from 7-8pm, in this weekly hour of gentle self care Gill shares simple exercises & meditation / visualisation techniques that can help release tension from your body and mind and create a sense of inner peace and wellbeing.

These classes are suitable if you are facing specific health issues or just wanting to support your general health & well-being. No previous experience of meditation is required.

Please bring a shawl or light blanket.

Gill Hickman

Gill has been meditating daily since 1997. Initially this was for specific health reasons, now it is just part of her daily routine. Gill feels that meditation helps her to stay healthy, calm, focused and energised thus able to cope with her busy life.gill hickman meditation

Gill has been facilitating Meditation Classes in Brockley since 2008

“Thank you again for guiding and sharing your knowledge, energy and celebration of such a soul enriching practise! I am finding it so beneficial & therapeutic in many far reaching ways, which I am excited to build upon in the journey I am on & also in sharing & learning from the journeys that others are on! ”
” If I aim to do one positive thing for myself each week, its to attend Gill’s meditation class. In this mid-week haven, Gill fosters a lovely atmosphere which reminds you to look up, not down at your feet”
Liz W. Brockley
“Gill’s meditation classes are wonderful. They allow you to focus, breathe and relax. So important in this busy world. I’d highly recommend the class.”
N.S., Brockley.

Drop In – £12 or a  5 Class Pass – £50

For any enquiries or to book a place, either email Gill or send a text to: 07932 441 299


Buddhist Meditation

The sessions will explore some of the main forms of meditation from the Buddhist Tradition; using techniques that lead to a happier more fulfilled life with greater understanding of oneself and the world.

Jonathan Clark

Jonathan-Clark MBSR

Coming home to the body.
Focussing on mindfulness practice and grounding the experience of meditation in momentary physical sensations of the body,developing calm and clarity and drawing on the body’s natural capacity for healing and wisdom.

Opening the heart.
Working with the meditation of loving­‐kindness to bring kindly awareness into the emotions, releasing tensions, opening the heart and discovering a deep capacity for love and compassion.

Exploring awareness.
Working with the practice of mindfulness to explore the natural qualities of the mind: the openness, clarity and sensitivity that make up the mysterious nature of awareness itself.

Working with obstacles.
Looking at the most common obstacles to meditation and learning creative ways to work with unhelpful habits that prevent us from being fully present. Setting up a regular meditation practice and learning how to integrate practice into daily lives.
Jonathan Clark (Suddhaka) has been practising Buddhist meditation since 1992, working with teachers from the Indian and Tibetan traditions. He was ordained into the Western Buddhist Order in 2001 and has been teaching meditation at Buddhist Centres in London and India since 1998. He has also been running Mindfulness Courses in London since 2010.

Suitable for all levels of experience.


drop-­‐in £12 per session
£42 for a block of 4

For more info or to book a place Email Janet:

MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)

Mindfulness is an ancient way of living in the present and experiencing life moment by moment. Mindfulness-based approaches to stress relief have helped millions of people overcome the effects of stress and anxiety and find peace of mind in a busy world. On these eight week introductory mindfulness courses, participants will learn simple skills that will enable them to manage reactions to the stresses and strains of life, develop greater inner stability, and experience more happiness and fulfilment in their lives.

Jonathan Clark

Jonathan-Clark MBSRJonathan Clark has been practicing meditation since 1992 and has been involved in teaching meditation and mindfulness courses as a member of the Triratna (formerly Western) Buddhist Order for the past fourteen years.

Find out when these are running on the Meditation Workshops & Courses page.

Holistic Sound Bath Meditation ~ Summoning The Sacred - ON HOLD


Integrating diverse influences, this unique sound bath meditation is a beautiful cross-cultural and cross-dimensional musical journey for meditation, healing and personal exploration of the secret, the sacred and the unknown. Involving Tibetan singing bowls, bells, shakers, African harp, voice and more. It is a group session held in a form of ceremonial sound gathering.

Therapeutically, the session is especially recommended for releasing stress, trauma, grief, depression and associated physical ailments through deep physical relaxation, emotional rebalancing, spiritual discovering and revival.

It is an hour long, lying down meditation held in a beautiful sonic atmosphere.
The specialist singing bowls used in the session were designed and developed by the Peter Hess Institute, specifically as healing tools. Each bowl is precisely tuned to vibrate at the exact frequency corresponding to the natural frequency of a healthy bodily organ. Through resonance, this literally tunes, harmonises and restores the body’s natural, healthy state of being. This meditative treatment makes each cell of our body vibrate and the whole system remember, how to be well!  It gives the mind and the spirit opportunity to travel to find healing, wisdom, answers, bliss, connection, beauty and to meet our higher self.

Agata Serwotka15451416_10154700535885600_1635201385_n-1

Agata is an experienced holistic therapist and qualified doula who also has a lifelong passion and love for music. She has trained as a sound practitioner at the Peter Hess Institute and has many years of experience working with Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Hopi Ear Candling and Theta Healing.

Agata regularly runs sound healing meditation groups in London and is very passionate about the strength, beauty and therapeutic benefits of this work.


For more information or to book a place please contact Agata on 07737473062

Yin Yoga & Meditation

Yin Yoga is a slow and meditative practice where postures are held for little longer so that we can work deeper into the areas of the body that may need more attention – the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Poses are mostly floor based and held between 3 – 5 minutes. Practicing in this mindful way cultivates the atmosphere to turn inwards and is great preparation for meditation. Yin Yoga is a lovely practice on its own, or to compliment and supplement those who also practice more dynamic styles of yoga.

Ella Holguin

ella-saunders hatha yogaAfter 8 years of practicing yoga, Ella completed a British Wheel of Yoga Diploma through YogaCampus. Her training has taught her to teach from the heart with an awareness and respect for individuals’ differing needs. She is mostly influenced by the foundations of Iyengar’s teachings and is inspired by teachers such as Judith Lasater and Donna Farhi. This is reflected in her teaching which draws on Hatha Yoga style with an emphasis on breath and posture alignment to focus the mind and body. For more information please see Ella’s website at


£12 Drop-in .

5 Class Pass –  £50 (Valid for 8 weeks. Can be used interchangeably between Ella’s Hatha Flow and Yin Yoga and Meditation classes)

Email Ella