Holistic Beauty

Facial Gua Sha has evolved from Gua Sha, a practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The skin is viewed as an external reflection of the body’s wellbeing and beauty a state that radiates from within. 

Gua Sha Facial Fusion is a holistic treatment blending Gua Sha, facial massage with hot and cool crystal tools, manual lymphatic drainage and Thai Wei facial massage. Blissful hot Thai Herbal Poultice can also be included.

Treatments move stagnation, relax muscle tension, enhance Qi flow, decrease puffiness whilst lifting and sculpting the face and neck naturally.  

Hannah Adams

Hannah can create bespoke treatments integrating Classical and 5 Element Foot Reflexology, Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology and Facial Acupressure. She holds 10 years experience as a Women’s Wellbeing Reflexologist also specialising in fertility, pregnancy, postnatal and menstrual issue support. She works with Five Element Theory to bring an additional layer of holistic observation to your Reflexology treatment.

All treatment prices include consultation via thorough on-line forms and an introductory call of around 20-30 minutes prior to intial treatment. Then, follow-up in-person consultation at each appointment.

More information at www.dwellskin.co.uk or www.lullreflexology.com

Thai Herbal Poultice

60 Minutes ~ £70

Packed with organic herbs Ytsara Herbal Poultices create a beautiful, tension soothing and sopohoric experience. Treatment begins with hot cloth cleansing moving to chest, neck and facial massage with the poultice. Benefits include increased skin circulation, lymphatic drainage, decreased puffiness and connective tissue and muscle release. I conclude the treatment with a short sequence of sculpting, contouring Facial Gua Sha.

Tension Melt & Smooth

60 minutes ~ £75

Skin cleansing with hot Clear Quartz Cleansing Crystals followed by tension releasing facial massage with Bloodstone Mushrooms which are amazing for TMJ tension and sinus pressure. The treatment continues with lymphatic drainage techniques, sculpting and contouring movements and special focus around the mouth, cheeks and eyes using Mookaite Jasper and Rose Quartz Sculpting Spoons. Also includes facial acupressure.

Gua Sha Facial Fusion

60 minutes ~ £85

Hot cloth skin cleansing followed by Gua Sha Facial Fusion focusing on tension release, lymphatic drainage, sculpting and contouring with cool and warm tools. The treatment finishes with Thai Wei Facial Massage. This treatment does not include hot Thai Herbal Poultice face massage. Choose the 90 minute Ritual to experience the added bliss of poultices.

NB This treatment is unsuitable during pregnancy due to the time required for clients to lie flat.

Gua Sha Facial Fusion & Thai Herbal Poultice – The Ritual

90 minutes ~ £125

Hot cloth skin cleansing followed by Thai Herbal Poultice and Gua Sha Facial Fusion focusing on tension release, lymphatic drainage, sculpting and contouring with cool and warm tools. The treatment finishes with Thai Wei Facial Massage and Five Element Reflexology grounding on the feet.

NB This treatment is unsuitable during pregnancy due to the time required for clients to lie flat.

Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology

First session (75 mins) £80. Follow-up (60 minutes) £65

Can be combined with Foot Reflexology.

The face is a microcosm of the body and Facial Reflexology is an invitation via touch to initiate self-healing and balance. After consultation, Hannah chooses the Dien Chan Zone multi-system map best suited to your needs.

Treatment is carried out with a smooth metal ‘detector’ tool which I trace across your face, searching the micro-zones and reflex points for areas that require attention. Following your session, you will receive your own personalised map and instructions to continue your DCZ self-care journey. This treatment also includes a beautiful facial massage wand to access facial reflex zones.

This practice is particularly beneficial for stress, anxiety and menstrual issues. Hannah can also guide you in DCZ one-to-one self-care treatment via Zoom. For more information on DCZ Facial Reflexology click here

NB Dien Chan Zone is safe at any stage of pregnancy, though some women prefer to wait to access therapies until the second trimester.

Roots & Bloom – Gua Sha Facial and Five Element Reflexology (2 hrs) £150

My most indulgent treatment offering. 75-minutes of Gua Sha Facial Fusion followed by 45-minutes of Five Element & Classical foot Reflexology. The perfect treat for you or gift for a loved one.

The ritual begins by double-cleansing the skin with Aypa Raw Balm and hot mitts and is followed by exfoliation if necessary. Next, soothing chest, shoulder and neck massage is followed by facial cupping across the decollette. Thai Herbal Poultice face massage follows, releasing tension, increasing blood flow, promoting lymphatic drainage and sculpting and contouring the skin.

On to Gua Sha facial treatment with hot gemstone mushrooms, hot stones, Gua Sha and cool spoons. The facial is completed with an application of Akasha Blends Facial Oil Rose or Neroli and Thai Wei Face massage.

Though completely bespoke to your skin concerns, the overall focus of treatment is to decrease puffiness, ease adhesions and tension in the skin tissues and muscles and contour the face. You can expect to look refreshed, glowing and sculpted after treatment.

Last but not least, 45 minutes of flowing foot Reflexology including a wide variety of touch techniques and hot stone closing massage.

Introducing Five Element Reflexology

15 minutes – £15

Add a taster Reflexology session to your treatment.

Hannah’s facial offerings can be explored more fully in her new Dwellskin treatment brochure.