Hopi Ear Candling

Our ancestors left an incredible legacy of healing knowledge and many of their practices have been rediscovered for use in the modern world; one such healing tool is the ancient art of Ear Candling.

This gentle yet effective therapy is an ideal way to help relieve conditions that can affect us on a daily basis such as headaches, migraines, ear aches, noises in the ears, compacted ear wax, sinus congestion, stress and more. It is a deeply relaxing treatment, which promotes healing and state of calm.

An ear candling treatment requires a pair of specialised ‘candles’ (actually hollow tubes which have been infused with beeswax and various herbs or essential oils) to be used in the ears, followed by a massage of the face, ears, neck and scalp to enhance the effects of the ear candling.

This treatment is combined with a facial massage and sound healing for the head area, which enhance the depth of the healing effect.

Agata Serwotkaagatakora (2)

Agata is an experienced and committed holistic therapist with many years of experience working with Aromatherapy (IFA member) and Indian Head Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Hopi Ear Candling and Theta Healing. Agata has a lifelong passion and love for music and trained as a sound practitioner at Peter Hess Institute becoming a certified Sound Massage therapist. She is also a qualified Doula, working antenatally with expectant parents, a member of various “conscious birth” organisations, and a mum herself.

For the past few years Agata has been running a regular sound healing and meditation groups in Central London and pregnant women’s gatherings.

During the many years of practice and skill development she has learned to work with and combine a wide spectrum of therapeutic tools, always adjusting her approach according to the individual needs and addressing all aspects of human well being – the physical, emotional and spiritual, creating a beautiful healing environment for deep relaxation, health, meditation, personal development, transformation and exploration of the sacred.

Agata’s therapeutic work has always been for her a source of great personal satisfaction, gratitude and inspiration for life.


1 hour – £50