Reiki Beginners Course/First Degree

Saturday 7th February –  10:30am-6pm    &

Sunday 8th February 2015 –  10.30am-1.30pm.

Discover this ancient art of self-healing.  Connect with the energy of the Universe, reconnect with mind and body and learn how to transmute physical, mental and emotional dis-ease in the body. Join us on this weekend foundation training in Usui Reiki. Guided and supported by experienced teachers and spiritual mentors Jaime and Jennifer, you will learn how to effectively integrate Reiki techniques and practices into your daily life, creating greater harmony, peace and well-being in all your relationships.

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Teachers: Jaime & Jennifer Tanna

Jaime and Jennifer Tanna are the founders of Energy Therapy and experienced Reiki masters and Yoga teachers. Together they hold a vast array of experience and expertise in energy healing, with a passion for transforming lives. Currently based in Cyprus, Jaime and Jennifer travel regularly in the UK and worldwide to teach courses and run retreats.


Join Jaime and Jennifer on further Courses and Workshops in 2015

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Continue your Reiki Journey –  Level II, Master/Teacher, Japanese techniques (Reiki II+), Karuna Reiki and Lightarian attunements (master level onwards)