Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy

Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a pioneering body-based approach to overcoming trauma and PTSD. Difficult experiences need not shut us down and keep us stuck but can be used to propel us towards true happiness.

Somatic Experiencing is based on observations of prey animals that, though routinely threatened with death, are not traumatised. Their bodies instinctively discharge the high arousal energy characterised by survival behaviours.

Though born with the same protective instincts, in humans the flight or fight response can be overridden by overwhelming emotions; we ‘freeze.’ When a powerful surge in life force gets locked in the body it can lead to a constellation of symptoms.

Focused on gently harnessing the wisdom of the felt-sense (body) above thoughts and emotions (mind), SE teaches us to safely release our frozen fears and shift into the natural flow of our lives once more.


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Maggie discovered the healing powers of SE at 30, after almost a decade of seeking to overcome her complex childhood traumas. Where traditional talking therapy had been largely unsuccessful at untangling her harrowing symptoms, SE met her at her core with an elegant simplicity. “You’ve completely changed,” remarked her mother.

Inspired by the very positive changes in her life, Maggie trained as a Somatic Experiencing trauma therapist, gaining powerful new insights into the mind-body connection before qualifying in 2010. Today she is Co-Chair of the Somatic Experiencing Association UK, Founder of Smiley Minds kids’ relaxation classes and albums, and author of A Guide to Being a Better Being.
Maggie’s intuitive approach focuses on strengthening mind, body and spirit. When all three work in harmony, we are empowered!

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