Stress Relief & Emotional Support

The specialities pages are designed to help you understand the different treatments and support available for the various specialist areas and to help you decide upon the right one for you.

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Acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine ~

Balances energy flow and helps to calm the mind and the emotions.

Cranio-sacral therapy ~

a very relaxing, nurturing therapy which can help relieve stress, and release blockages of energy, including those of an emotional nature.  Works powerfully on a deep level.

Counselling & Psychotherapy ~

can help us find new ways to manage our selves and our lives when we are in crisis, feel stuck or are finding life difficult.

Energy Healing ~

(including Reiki) very relaxing, supportive and stress-reducing.  Can facilitate rapid relief of mental, emotional and physical issues and can be used in numerous ways including changing limiting beliefs and teaching your system how to feel things we may not already know how to experience. Also very supportive and helpful for conditions such as anxiety and for releasing/transforming trapped energy and emotions.

Massage ~

Great for helping you relax and release stress and tension.

Meditation ~

to help restore your calm and inner peace.

Reflexology ~

Can help balance the mind and body – relaxing and calming

Yoga ~

a regular yoga practice can assist with reducing stress, anxiety and tension.