Life coaching is an empowering process which helps you reach a goal or make a positive change in your life. It can be applied to all manner of personal and professional objectives and can, for example, help people create the right mindset,  work through important decisions,  and start taking action in the areas of your life that you wish to change.  The life coach’s aim is to help you reach your goal in the most efficient, effective and rewarding way possible.

While the life coaches at GGC can address many issues they tend to specialise in certain areas.

Key Decision making Coaching

Beth Follini

beth follini life coaching

Beth Follini, (CPCC, PCC) is a life/work coach who loves coaching people through times of transition and key decision making. Gentle yet challenging, dedicated, quirky and funny, Beth is known for bringing her eccentric spirit and high energy into all that she does. Her background is in the not-for-profit sector where she managed a range of organisations and projects. Beth has been featured in international media for her coaching, including  The Economist, The Times, Scotland on Sunday and BBC Radio 4 (Women’s Hour). She is currently one of a handful of people certified by the US based Wendy Palmer in a unique somatic approach to leadership and coaching called Leadership Embodiment.

Beth holds a post-graduate qualification in coaching (Certified Professional Co-active Coach) from the world’s leading coaching training school, the Coaches Training Institute. As a PCC, she is credentialed through the ICF (International Coach Federation) and is also a licensed Firework Career Coach.

Performance & Mindset Coaching

Marianne is a performance and mindset coach helping people reach their goals, deal with life’s challenges or cope with change. Marianne trained as a coach with ITOL in 2017 and is an accredited NLP Master Practitioner. Marianne uses a range of coaching tools and frameworks along with questioning techniques to get the best out of people and let them unlock their own potential.  

Marianne’s coaching covers a range of issues including work areas such as improving performance at work, returning to work after maternity leave or support starting a new business venture.  Marianne also works with people on personal issues such as health, fitness or wellness goals, infertility struggles, improving work/life balance and managing times of major change. 

Marianne loves meeting different people, talking to them and listening to their story. She feels extremely rewarded when she succeeds in enabling a person to develop and create a positive change in their life.


£60 for 1 hour session

Discounts available for bookings of 3 or more sessions

Intuitive Life Coaching

An intuitive life coach is different from a regular life coach in that they intuitively feel and hear messages for the client before during or after sessions that will be personal to the client.

An intuitive coach will guide, explore and navigate more deeply through blocks, inner programmes, thought patterns and beliefs. These coaches understand and wholeheartedly advocate living your own truth, aligning and reconnecting with your souls expression.

Intuitive coaches are often certified spiritual life coaches and have additional holistic tool boxes, energy healing methods, various vibrational modalities. The format of sessions is multilayered but predominately takes a conversational based approach.  They are a collaborative venturing to allow your expansion and shifting to the next level with a new sense of expectation. At every scheduled session you will be given valuable tools and action plans to help you make changes at the subconscious level to awaken within and go beyond self imposed limitations and look at the world in new and exciting ways as a great and grand adventure.

The coaching will reflect on your personal self discovery and soul exploration to allow greater meaning and satisfaction in your life. This unique coaching allows your awakening and emergence of changes at a subconscious level for greater fulfilment and meaning.

Tracey Ann Tuomey


Tracey Ann Tuomey is a well being practitioner with certificates in spiritual life coaching, Hypnotherapy, Soul Plan and Spiritual Response Therapy.

Tracey has been trained in a variety of holistic healing modalities such as Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Rahanni, vibrational medicine, energy healing and many more.

Tracey’s mission in life is to to help you reconnect at a deeper level to your authentic self which will lead the way for health, happiness, knowing your own inner wisdom, truth and potential. Tracey’s sensitivity also allows her to distinguish  the truth and interpret complex emotions, reflect back hidden motivations and allow the client knowledge of soul contracts for reflections, clearing and expansion.