Over 200 years ago the German physician and chemist Samuel Hahnemann formulated the laws and philosophy of homeopathy.

This was based on the belief of the 16th century doctor Paracelus, that a poisonous substance that caused disease, could also cure disease if given in very small doses ( like treats like); and that a physician took into account the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. Based on the principle that whatever can cause harm can also bring about cure, minute doses of a well chosen homeopathic remedy are prescribed to someone who experiences symptoms as if they had taken a large dose of that substance.

Homeopathy is used as a form of complimentary medicine all over the world. Many people have found homeopathy to be a wonderfully effective form of treatment for many health problems.

Unlike orthodox medicine which labels symptoms under disease names and treats each body system in isolation of others; Homeopaths recognise that all symptoms whether felt emotionally or physically are that person’s individual response to an illness, and are the body’s way of trying hard to bring itself back to health. The Homeopath matches these individual responses to symptoms expressed within the homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathy can optimise your physical and emotional health; it can be used by all ages, it is non addictive and safe to use alongside conventional medicine.

Penny Heywoodpenny

Penny’s passion for homeopathy started over 10 years ago when she experienced the benefits for herself. She gave up a career in marketing and communications to study Homeopathy at Westminster University. Since graduating in 2009, she has been practicing as a Classical Homeopath, working with a whole variety of clients presenting with numerous ailments including:

Skin – ringworm, eczema, urticarial, abscess, cold sores, ulcers, impetigo
Digestive issues – IBS, constipation, reflux, candida
Respiratory – asthma, coughs, allergies
Hormonal – particularly menstrual complaints and menopause
Mental & emotional – anxiety, depression, panic attacks, ADHD, behavioural & learning disorders,
Acute conditions – flu, coughs, colds, upset stomach

One of the things she loves about homeopathy, (and working with people generally) is that there is always something new to learn – which makes it both an interesting and challenging field to work in. With that in mind, she regularly attends a teaching clinic run by Andrew Ward who works closely with one of the most prolific and well known contemporary homeopaths – George Vithoulkas.
Her special interest area is in supporting women through pregnancy, childbirth and postnatally. She has completed a year-long course with Denise Tiran (www.expectancy.co.uk), a well-known midwife and lecturer who specialises in using complementary therapies in the field of midwifery.

In addition, she regularly volunteers to support women with infant feeding at the local Baby Café and on the Postnatal ward at Lewisham Hospital which she finds incredibly rewarding. She is now about to embark on the IBCLC training to become a Lactation Consultant and is looking forward to integrating this skill into her homeopathic practice when working with new mothers.



First consultation £65

(lasts approximately 1 ½ hours)

Follow-up consultation £50

(lasts approximately ½ hour)

Children & Concessions

First consultation £50

(lasts approximately 1 hour)

Follow-up consultation £40

(lasts approximately ½ hour)

Above fees include:

Homeopathic remedies, usually posted within 2 days of consultation

Communication between appointments regarding treatment. I may arrange phone calls to monitor progress in between appointments, depending on the nature of your condition; this will also be included in the fee. However, if the nature of your condition changes, I will recommend you come in for a further consultation which will be charged at the normal rate.

Acute treatment

15 minute consultation, including follow up £15

(Face to face or telephone)

Penny recommends patients purchase a basic homeopathic kit which will include most remedies needed for common acute conditions such as fevers, coughs, colds etc. This is particularly useful for children who may need prompt treatment. Kits can be purchased from Neals Yard or a homeopathic pharmacy such as Helios or Ainsworths


The full fee is payable if less than 24 hours is given for cancellation