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I’m sensing some doubt.  Are you super busy? Are you afraid to leave your child with another caretaker? Do you find a day too long? Or do you wonder whether the Workshop The Secret Language of Play is for you? Please tell me, mail me, what is stopping you from joining, so I can keep improving myself.   Of course, it can be that there’s a zillion things to do on your list. Like, we have so many things to do as moms!  And we definitely do not want to leave our children on our precious Saturdays. I get it. I really do. But do you ever wonder.. if I don’t act now, then when?  Life has that tricky habit of catching up with us!  Before we know it, we’re dealing with teenagers. Another ball game.  And we’ll look back on this precious time. So what we often really want, is not to hurry more, but to find more joy in spending time with our children! Not that holiday once a year or going to an attraction park, but especially in the day to day interactions with our children.

And threatening like a police officer is not on that list. Hell, that’s not what we signed up for, right? So let’s make this deal and agree: it’s time for more fun! And I can assure you, making that commitment already brings you towards more joy. But here’s the thing. When you invest 1 day in this workshop, you’ll get so much out of it, it will CHANGE THE WAY YOU PARENT! You invest 1 day but will win so much time in the future with your kids. So if you really want more fun, a new perspective, more tools, more joy, more play: In the Workshop ‘The Secret Language of Play’ you’ll get the easy-to-use tools to have more joy in your parenting. Also, you will understand your child’s behaviour. Because in the workshop I don’t just give tools. I also explain WHAT the behaviour of your child means. And really, this works and definitely brings the fun back! You’ll be able to connect better and more with your child and will feel less at a loss. Some of the things I get back after the workshop: “Wow. This changes everything I believed about parenting” “I’m so looking forward to go home and play with my child” “Chris! We’ve started doing your games the next day and I’m amazed to see it works immediately!”  So I love giving this workshop. Because it’s my PASSION. It’s my passion to get you super inspired to find that joy with your child, because I want YOU to enjoy your children the short time you have with them. And NOT struggle and fight. So what you’ll get from me in this workshop are some VERY PRACTICAL tools and some DEEP INSIGHTS into behaviour. Mind that I have so much respect for what each of us does for their family. So in my workshop there’s no shaming, no blaming of parents. The only thing that I’d like is to see is your happy face go home to your family and be the fun mom you want to be.     BUT… And you stay in control and you take home whatever you like from it. So. What is this play workshop all about? In this workshop I’ll help you to use easy to learn but very profound and special kinds of play, to deal with:

  • Sibling rivalry
  • Doctor, dental and hospital visits
  • Potty training
  • Sleep issues
  • Hyperactivity
  • Seperation
  • Anxieties, like for dogs
  • Eating issues
  • How to make up after punishments
  • Cooperation
  • Setting limits
  • And much more!

Anything I’m missing on that list? Please, send me an email and ask me if it’s discussed too! Really, it’s a super nice workshop! We’re with a cosy and small group this time, because I was late with promoting the workshop. This means there’s plenty of individual attention. There’s still a few places left (and I can assure you that you really do not want to miss out!)


+ GET YOUR BONUS! If you sign up today you’ll get FREE access to the live online Q&A + the replay a few weeks after so you can personally ask me all your questions!


I’m looking very much forward to see you in our workshop Saturday in East Dulwich!! Much love,


Chris Muller, MSc Psychologist Certified Aware Parenting Instructor
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