Art Psychotherapy

What is art psychotherapy?

Art psychotherapy is a branch of psychotherapy where art making is used as the main form of expression. You don’t need to be an experienced artist, as the aim is not necessarily to create work to a high standard, but to use art making to help process difficult thoughts and feelings, with the overall goal of helping you develop in a safe and expressive environment.

Why use Art?

Art making has benefitted many individuals throughout the years as a means of therapeutic expression and exploration. We use the same side of our brain for both creating and storing visual images as well as talking, and many have found that creating images in a therapeutic setting can support and add light to discussion with their therapist. This in turn can encourage the ease with which we process our difficult feelings and in turn improve our overall contentment and happiness.

It can often be difficult or painful to speak clearly about the feelings that cause us the most trouble, in which case art making can provide a safe approach to feelings which we don’t feel quite ready to tackle head-on. In some cases we can’t quite find the right words to accurately convey our complex emotions and experiences, however art making can provide a more accessible means of doing this.

Talking can for some feel difficult or stressful, or the right words may just not reveal themselves. Significantly, art psychotherapy methodology makes it accessible to all societies and cultures. Often we find that the images we create can help support our words, or vice versa, providing a rich and meaningful expression.

What to expect

Sessions last for 50 minutes, at the same time and place each week. A range of art materials will be available in each session and you can choose what to make or do, with freedom to express your experiences and thoughts in your own individual way. Your images will be kept safe in folder that you can take with your when you eventually finish therapy.

The sessions are confidential and your therapist will not show your artwork or share what was said in the sessions unless she feels that you are at risk from harm or may harm someone else.

Art Psychotherapy can help with issues such as:

Depression, including antenatal and postnatal depression



Post-traumatic stress disorder



Relationship difficulties



Chronic pain and somatization

Runa Parkggprofile

Art Psychotherapist

Runa Park has a BA in social work and fine art, and  has completed an MA in art psychotherapy at Goldsmiths College, University of London. She is a qualified art psychotherapist (Health and Care Professions Council) with a wide range of experience including counselling centres, learning disability and psychiatric communities, hospital settings and educational settings.

Runa has worked over a course of many years with a diverse range of age groups and ethnicities, including children and the elderly. She is experienced in working through various personal hardships and disabilities with clients, including those related to difficult emotions, behaviours and mental health, physical illness, life-limiting conditions, as well as physical disabilities and learning disabilities.

She is initially trained in psychodynamic art psychotherapy, however also engages with attachment-based psychotherapy, and works with various client-centred approaches such as mindfulness, psycho-educational and mentalization-based treatments.

Runa is currently working within the NHS and with a community for mothers and their children suffering from PTSD and depression, as well as private settings with adults and children with various emotional and psychiatric needs. She is currently involved in an initiative aiming to develop a community therapeutic project in South East London.

The cost is £70 per session.

Please contact enquiries on 020 8693 3047 or via email to or via email to to make a booking.