Discover your Feminine Roots ~ Sound, Yoga & Movement workshop

Discover your feminine Roots Instagram PostSunday, September 1st 2019. 2-5pm  £30

Cosmic Sisters,
We get it! We want to be super productive at all times. Make the best impression. Juggle a thousand projects simultaneously. Possibly while also raising a family and running a household. Have the perfect skin. Go on yet another detox and keep your social calendar jam packed. Yikes! Exhausted, anyone?

That’s why we decided to create a series of magical women’s mini-retreats, a place of non-judgement, safety, openness and connection. Our ancestors have gathered regularly in order to connect with one another through ritual, to give comfort and pass on words of wisdom. Do you feel ready to connect to mother earth and the mother within?

If so, come and join us for our rejuvenating, liberating and heartfelt Sunday afternoon mini-retreat at the Goose Green Clinic for our first movement and sound circle. The motto will be “Discover your Feminine Roots”. This half day workshop will be filled with juicy offerings such as elemental yoga, gong bath, sharing circle, movement and healing sound. We will honour and work with the power of the great feminine, the moon, the sacred womb, the elements and spirit.

About the facilitators:

Rosie is a kind and gentle yoga teacher who will help you discover your potential through the moving meditation of yoga and connection with the 5 elements: Earth, water, fire, air and space. Elemental yoga is a combination of Hatha yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and meditation harnessing the power of the elements. Rosie’s approach is holistic and creative. Drawing on her experiences through her travels, her work as a creative writer, and her love for nature and the outdoors, you’ll be left feeling grounded and calm.

Theresa is a triple water sign and a highly empathetic and intuitive soul. The odd tear is never far away as her emotions run very deep. She developed her massage and healing skills when she first arrived in the UK, from her native home of Austria. She qualified as a gong practitioner, after hearing this mystical instrument at a gong bath in London. The sound captured her instantly! She has since deepened her spiritual practice by attending regular workshops and events. She feels a deep calling to move into ceremonial work and help women connect with each other and most importantly, themselves.

P.S.: As if that wouldn’t be amazing enough, you will also each received a goody bag to take home with you!

On the day of the event:

Please note that yoga mats, blankets and props are provide by the venue. We recommend you to wear loose and comfortable clothing and please bring a journal with you, in case you want to write down any insights or thoughts.

You can book your place via Facebook, or Eventbrite or by emailing Theresa

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