‘Hands Know’ Workshop

hands know goose green
This is a work shop for those who want to learn how to reconnect with
their Soul through creativity.  Discover how to feel and listen to
the  vibrations of colours using your hands.  Experience the ‘true self’,
bringing closer the spiritual and creative sides. Every second of your
journey is a creation, from waking life to dreams.

When we were kids this was easy and spontaneous. Nobody was judging us,
least of all ourselves. There was no right or wrong, time didn’t exist and
imagination had no barriers.

What happened? Unfortunately, we became ADULTS! Allowing ourselves to have
some genuine fun became difficult. We became really responsible and
really serious, afraid to show our emotions and feelings. ‘I MUST’
replaced ‘I WANT’ and we started controlling the most important parts of
our life: FUN and PLEASURE.  Do you remember them?

We built up limitations to our Imaginations and the act of creating
disappeared from our wishes. I don’t mean to make it sound like a
disaster but all I know is: ‘THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE!’

It is not easy to get away from your inner child, he/she will push until
you will finally listen to their message. We have so many dimensions
within us to discover that you can’t even imagine!

Life is easier than  we think. Simple and little things can really
change our journey. Kindness, compassion and care are what we should
give to ourselves and the Universe. We have been feeding our minds so
much that we have lost the connection with our body. Our Minds know more
than what our ‘HANDS KNOW’, is it not strange? Our body never lies, it
is a vehicle of truth. Let’s recreate that lost connection using ART!
Are you ready for this challenge? Are you ready for a sacred colourful
journey? Join us!

For more information, please contact Maria Pareo on 07407 108924