Hypnobirthing Workshops with The Hypnobirthing Place

The Hypnobirthing Place offers a unique and empowering antenatal course, combining Hypnobirthing, NLP and mindfulness. For an enjoyable pregnancy, positive birth experience and smooth transition to life with a newborn.

Because birth does not have to be something you ‘just have to get through’, or something to be feared. It can be an incredible, empowering and happy experience. Hypnobirthing gives you the knowledge and the tools to have the best child-birth for you, be it at home, in a birthing centre or at hospital. It’s about enabling you to own the experience, however that may go.

Hypnobirthing is a combination of simple things, based on logic and human physiology, which make a big difference to your pregnancy and birth. Fundamentally, it combines visualisations and relaxations with simple breathing techniques, so that you can reach deep relaxation and ensure a positive focus.

You will be liberated from any conscious or unconscious worries or negative associations about birth. Instead, you will learn to trust your body, your instinct, and your baby. You will feel relaxed and in control, looking forward to giving birth.

Your partner will understand the vital role he or she plays as your ‘advocate’ and ‘protector’ and will feel really involved in your pregnancy and birth.

When it’s time for your baby to be born, your body will know exactly what to do, producing the two hormones it needs for an efficient, comfortable and natural birth.

Zoe has years of experience working with many first, second and third time parents-to-be, helping them welcome their babies calmly and confidently.  She trained with Katherine Graves (KG) herself, the originator of the UK based course accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. KG Hypnobirthing is the hypnobirthing teacher of choice for midwives. After having 2 children herself (one was induced and ended in a caesarean, one was at home) Zoe uses her personal experience, along with her training with KG and NLP Masters qualification, to help couples prepare for birth and parenthood in all sorts of circumstances.

Courses start with where you are now, and end with you feeling relaxed, positive and looking forward to giving birth.

The course costs £295 per couple and includes a free book by KG, relaxation MP3s, ongoing support by phone/email, a post birth survival guide and refreshments on the day.

Hypnobirthing Place is all about spreading the good. So 10% of every course fee is donated to charities supporting safe births in developing countries.

Group Classes are held over two 4 hour sessions per month.

Upcoming weekend dates (all 12.30 am – 4.30 pm):static1.squarespace
Sept:       8th and 15th
Oct:        6th and 13th

To book, or for more information on group course dates or for private classes, contact Zoe on 07989587112 or email zoe@hypnobirthingplace.com or visit www.hypnobirthingplace.com