Parenting With Patience Workshop – Sunday September 30th


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Gone are the times that we don’t look at the clock and hang in our pj’s in the morning! Back to school it is! So during these periods of big changes I always try to plan in extra space or take into account that there might be some big feelings that come up at one point and will want to be released.

I notice though, that we are so often inclined to force ourselves back into that rhythm as if we are forcing ourselves in a cocktail-party-dress that is 2 sizes too small! And then we tend to feel so guilty when we don’t fit in, when don’t do it ‘all’.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed already, I want to remind you that even though the holiday is over, or especially now that it is over; it’s ok to take time to adjust to the new rhythm. It’s ok to take it easy this first week(or weeks), as it is not only an adjustment for our children but also for us parents!

And if you feel you’re back into a rat-race, I’m inviting you to take a look at your agenda and see whether all the afternoons after school are fully booked or.. whether you can create some space to take it more easy? And is there enough space in your agenda for that possible tantrum, to release the feelings that come from getting back to school after the holidays? Or is there no space for meltdowns? If not, how could you create more space?

And how about yourself? I planned a lovely visit at the hairdresser! What about you? I’m curious to hear from you and whether it resonates!

And if you want all the ins and outs on how to feel more balanced and patience, on how to relief your inner blocks so you can be that parent you want to be for your children..

If you want to know the exact steps to get to that inner place that feels calm and loving towards your children…

Then know I’ll be in London end of september. So please feel welcome to join us at the workshop Parenting With Patience on Sunday September 30 in London, East Dulwich (13:00-17:30) in the beautiful Goose Green Clinic!

We are with a warm loving group of moms and there are still some spots left!

Take your seat now!

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