The specialities pages are designed to help you understand the different treatments and support available for the various specialist areas and to help you decide upon the right one for you.

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Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal medicine ~

regulates the menstrual cycle; prepares and strengthens the body for pregnancy


Craniosacral therapy ~

helps clear structural restrictions; hormonal and stress support


Nutritional Therapy  ~

optimal nutrition, tailored for the individual, is important for helping improve general health and creating the conditions necessary for a baby to be conceived.


Reflexology ~

helps relieve tension, anxiety and stress associated with subfertility

Pregnancy Support

Acupuncture & Chinese herbs ~

strengthens and supports the pregnancy, helps prevent miscarriage and can promote induction.


Craniosacral therapy ~

helps alleviate related emotional and physical problems including back pain, nausea, oedema, and anxiety about childbirth. Can also help relieve pain, discomfort and tightness, align the pelvis and help move baby into the optimal position for birth.


Hypnotherapy for childbirth ~

can lead to a more comfortable and fulfilling birth process, with less complications after your baby is born.  Helpful for natural or caesarean births and is designed for the mother and the birth partner.


Nutritional therapy ~

to optimise health and ensure the mother is getting the right nutrients  for both herself and her baby.


Osteopathy ~

supports the body to adapt to the anatomical, physiological and hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, easing common conditions including heartburn, breathing difficulties, lower back pain, sciatica, water retention and pelvic pain as well as helping to prepare for birth both physically and emotionally.


Pregnancy massage ~

particularly useful to alleviate back pain, restless legs and for improving circulation and sleep.


Reflexology ~

gently supports women throughout pregnancy, aiming to alleviate and prevent common conditions including morning sickness, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and oedema, and promote relaxation and better sleep. Supports the initiation of labour in the latter stage of pregnancy.


Thai Yoga Massage ~

deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage which also eases back pain.




Pregnancy Yoga ~

Focuses on breathing and relaxation during labour and birth. Keeps the joints and ligaments flexible and prepares the body for birth, as well as potentially helping with pregnancy ailments.

Pregnancy Fit

Pilates based classes with exercises designed to prepare the body for the physical challenges of each trimester, with special attention to posture, core and breathing and allow you to become more in tune with your changing body.


a unique and empowering antenatal course, combining Hypnobirthing, NLP and mindfulness for an enjoyable pregnancy, positive birth experience and smooth transition to life with a newborn.

Post-natal Support

Acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine ~

can help alleviate problems with breastfeeding, fatigue, post-natal depression, restoring health and energy.


Craniosacral therapy  ~

For mums –  gentle, relaxing and supportive, helps restore balance in the body (including realigning spine and pelvis), speeds recovery and healing, helps alleviate any anxiety or depression and facilitates the transitions from pregnancy to birth, to being a mum and having your body back to yourself.

For babies – helps your baby integrate the birth experience and release any birth trauma. Also helps your baby adapt to life outside the womb, improving sleeping, feeding etc. Particularly helpful and important for babies born by forceps/vacuum extraction, C-section and those born prematurely, to help relieve trauma and related physical symptoms, including colic, weak grip/feeding and misalignment of head or spine.


Osteopathy ~

helps relieve the strains endured during labour and pregnancy.


Reflexology ~

soothes and supports post-natally, promotes relaxation, alleviates anxiety and depression, encouraging lactation and balancing hormonal changes.




Post-natal Mum & Baby Pilates ~

Special consideration for mums who delivered via C-section. Helps facilitate recovery and improves core strength & stability.


Post-natal Yoga ~

tones the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor.


Baby Massage ~

Learn how to interact, communicate and bond with your baby through positive, nurturing touch.


Baby Sign ~

a dynamic language and communication tool to help your child to communicate their needs to you using gestural, non-verbal strategies. This helps bonding, confidence and trust and allows your child be heard during their preverbal stages.