Summer Somatics Update

Feeling stiff? Tired of aches and pains? Want to remember how it feels to move with ease? Somatic Movement Exercises (developed by Thomas Hanna) are a simple and effective way of releasing tension held in the body that may be causing stiffness, discomfort, or chronic pain. Mostly carried out on the floor, the exercises are slow and gentle – always carried out within your own range of comfort. No previous experience is required. Some yoga poses will be included to help us more fully explore the results of the somatic practice. 

There are a few spaces still available on the somatic movement workshops coming up this weekend!

In South London at Goose Green Clinic, East Dulwich. SE22 9AP  
Sunday 3-5pm.
9th July – Focus on Hips

Please book in advance as space is limited to 6 participants!
Or text/call 07967345566.

This workshop is open to complete beginners as well as those who have practiced somatics before.

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