The Conscious Voice – Breath And Sound Taster Class

Saturday 7th September @ 12.30pm – 1.00pm

VocalDynamix combines state-of-the-art vocal science with the enhanced learning tools provided by Awareness Through Movement. It is designed to help anyone who wishes to develop a conscious, flexible, strong, healthy voice, whether their interest is singing, speaking clearly as an actor or presenter, or freeing their natural voice as part of a healing or spiritual process – or indeed any combination of these elements.  The technique itself is very practical and accessible.

This taster class will explore several ways to release and develop fuller breathing and then show you how to use your natural breathing co-ordination to develop clarity, power and sustain in your speaking or singing voice. Check out Maggy’s blog post here for more information.

Classes take place on the floor so wear loose clothing, mats provided.
For more information call Maggy – 07976 640737 – or visit

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